Becoming a Communication Consultant

Wk 5 Assignment: Becoming a Communication Consultant People who live their lives before the public eye have to particularly careful choosing their words and their actions, as the media is ready to pounce on their mistakes and broadcast them for the world to see. But many famous or powerful people don’t necessarily have the skills to be effective intercultural communicators. That is where you come in.

By examining your experiences with people from other cultures and what you are learning in this course, you can begin to see how your awareness of intercultural communication can improve interactions. As you consider the knowledge and skills you have gained, also consider how your cultural perceptions have changed, over time. How would you transmit these tools and knowledge onto others? In this Assignment, you become a Communication Consultant for a person in the public eye who made an error in judgement when communicating with someone of a different culture.

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Becoming a Communication Consultant
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To prepare for this Assignment: Search the news for a piece that would be a good example for this assignment. Review the article on tips for cross cultural communication as well as the concepts on using words well and the articles on “people first” language.

Submit a 2 to 3-page paper in which you: Give a brief summary of a current news story in which you found an example of someone who clearly made a cultural mistake when interacting with someone else. Acting as a communication consultant, describe how you would advise the person on how to correct their error.  (,,,, or any local newspapers only are great places to start)

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