Trembling Earth A Cultural History of the Okefenokee Swamp

You will have to purchase the book “Trembling Earth A Cultural History of the Okefenokee Swamp” The goal of an analytical book review is to share information about a secondary historical source.  Rather, it analyzes and discusses the book’s thesis, argument, and evidence.  It examines the author’s assumptions and ideologies.  It comments on how this book fits into the wider historical literature, and it evaluates the author’s argument, its use of sources and its strengths and weaknesses.    Provided below is an outline for a typical book review.  Please note that only 1-2 short paragraphs summarize the book’s content.  The rest of the review analyzes various aspects of the book.   All long-form analytical book reviews MUST: Introduction: Summarize the book (1-2 short paragraphs) Identity, examine and discuss the book’s thesis or central argument(s) (1-2 paragraphs)   Long form analytical book reviews answer the following questions when appropriate (meaning they don’t do all of this, they only do those topics which are relevant.) (1-2 paragraphs per idea)  If you don’t understand a question – don’t try to answer it!               What sources did the author use to write the book – more important HOW did the author use these sources?                       What was the overarching goal of the book, beyond just telling the story?  Did the author meet this goal?             What ideological influences were present in the book?             How does this book alter your broader perceptions or understanding of history, of the broader topic, or of the world and reality itself?             What was the context in which this book was written? Was it trying to respond to contemporary issues or influenced by cultural or political trends among others?             What were the book’s strengths and weaknesses? (Do not tell me the book was long or hard to understand – that says more about you than it does the book).

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Trembling Earth A Cultural History of the Okefenokee Swamp
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