Services Marketing

1. Compared to Pure Services firms, Manufacturers who can create Hybrid Offerings have distinctive resources that can be leveraged to create successful offerings. Describe three of these unique resources and how they can provide an advantage. 2. How does a Solution-Centered perspective differ from a Product-Centered perspective? 3. The Quality of the Customer Experience is critical to attaining customer satisfaction and loyalty. Reflecting on the idea that services are characterized by simultaneous production and consumption, how might quality control for a pure goods company differ than quality control for a pure service company ?

4. Suppose you have been hired as Director of Marketing for Otis Elevator’s new projects division, overseeing the sales of elevators for new, large construction projects. On new startups, it is common to have some mechanical and software bugs that need to be ironed out. But these hiccups can make customers very angry. How might you structure a Service Recovery process? Suggest a couple of specific policies you could implement. 5. What can a customer do to improve the effectiveness of a solution? (Use the text to support your answer)

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Services Marketing
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