Presidential Speeches

Instructions: Watch the two videos below of two Presidential speeches: Eisenhower’s Farewell Address and JFK’s Inaugural Address. Once completed, type up an essay in Microsoft Word answering the below question. I expect a long paragraph (approximately 200-300 words minimum) for each response, with each response supported by evidence from the documents you read. Once your essay is typed, submit it to this submission link. Based on the Ike and JFK speeches you watched on Blackboard, write an essay that answers the following points: 1. Summarize what each president is discussing in their speech, focusing on their main points. 2. How do these two speeches reflect the changing nature of the United States from the years of the Depression, World War II, and the early Cold War into the modern-day period? Give some examples from class and the textbook that reflect what each president is talking about. 3. Given that these speeches were given just a few days apart, how does the tone change from Ike to JFK? Link to the videos: link to video:

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Presidential Speeches
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